Here at Helping Hands Childcare, we strive to provide safe care for your child at all times. In order to do that, enrollment is based on openings we have within your child's age group and staff coverage. State law mandates that we maintain certain staff to child ratios.

Waiting List

We do provide a waiting list.  Waiting list are provided to families when there is not an immediate opening for your child's age group. Details concerning this waiting list will be provided to you at the time of enrollment.

Reserved Enrollment


This option applies when an opening is available for your child, but you choose a future date for enrollment. A deposit will be paid to hold your child's opening for the agreed upon time. More details about this option can be discussed at the time of enrollment with the director only.

Things You Need for Enrollment Once Your Child Is Accepted

A copy of each child's original birth certificate.
Contact information for Parents/guardian.
Contact information for Parents/guardian's employer(s).
Name & contact information of persons authorized to pick up your child.
Emergency contacts.
Physical Form with TB clearance from your doctor. (We can provide a physical form for you). If your child has had a physical within the past year, you can use it for enrollment. If it was completed over a year ago, you will need to have another one completed.
A copy of each child's immunization record. (A form can be provided to you and this record is updated yearly). 
Any information about your child's food restrictions and allergies.
A list of any medications the child is taken or you need administered.

Thank You for Choosing Helping Hands Childcare.

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